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06 Aug 2014

Why Should Gaming Websites Optimize For A CDN

Online gaming is on the rise and as the years pass, this industry is earning greater revenues each year.

As more and more users turn towards online games, the servers of gaming websites become crowded, providing slow loading speeds to the users.

In today’s competitive market, a website that is unresponsive or has a slow loading time is doomed to fail, as most Internet users will wait less than 3 seconds for a webpage to load before searching for alternate options.

This is why gaming websites should opt for the best CDN for games available on their servers.

CDNs and the Online Gaming Industry

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a group of servers located across the globe where online content can be stored and provided at fast speed to local users.

Thus, rather than loading a single server with a large number of users from across the globe, gaming websites can hire one of the best CDN for games, via a content delivery service that will store their data in over 70+ locations worldwide to cater to all of the website’s users via local servers.

If you are wondering why you should make the selection of a CDN providing company to obtain the best CDN for gaming, here are some of the top benefits that you can avail with the assistance of a CDN:

Higher Revenues

Faster websites gain more web traffic as compared to their slower competitors. CDN provides data to your website users from local servers, reducing the loading time, and improving the speed of your site. Thus, this can lead to higher conversion rates for your gaming website and increase your earnings.

Better Page Ranking and SEO

Just like your customers, Google also values the users’ time based on the speed and efficiency of the site. Thus, best CDN for gaming can provide faster downloads and improve your SEO, bringing more visitors to your website.

Cost Effective

As CDNs provide better revenues, they automatically become cost effective. At a minimum rate, you can get high-speed webpage loading to benefit your gaming website and gain more customers.

Uniform Service Worldwide

Most gaming websites work best in local areas as their servers located there. However, the farther away your customer is, the slower the loading speed of the website will be. Hiring the best CDN for games allows you to create uniformity in your service no matter where the user may be located, with the help of multiple servers located around the globe.

Improved Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Gaming websites need to provide their customers with the ultimate experience in order to retain their interest. This experience requires high-speed servers that reduce loading time and offer instant game play. This is why such websites are in need of a CDN that will not only offer amazing browsing and gaming speed to the users, but will allow retain their loyalty to the site by improving their satisfaction levels with respect to the gaming experience.

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