Monthly Archives: March 2017

30 Mar 2017
IPS CMS is a content management system that allows you to create blogs, forums and image galleries. You may try your hands with it because: It will help you to introduce your new product to the audience; You may easily improve the work of your support team and speed up communication inside your company with this CMS; This CMS will give you an opportunity to increase your customer loyalty. Choosing IPS CMS sounds quite beneficial, although there are some cases [...]
24 Mar 2017
Every time when you create a web site, you may either write a code or use a particular Content Management System or CMS to build up your own web resource. The second variant seems to be quite beneficial as you get a set of handy tools such as an admin panel (a special panel designed for posting, creating and updating a web content) and an ability to install and make all necessary adjustments to the themes (design templates) by [...]
15 Mar 2017
Using b2evolution CMS is quite beneficial as this content management system is a totally self hosted solution. It means you are the one who has a control over the domain, privacy, intellectual property and web content of your website. You won’t need to use any modules or plugins with b2evolution as it’s considered to be one of the most integrated CMS in the world: every time you need to make any adjustments to your website (like enhancing security characteristics), [...]
01 Mar 2017
According to optimization is viewed as the process of finding an alternative which gives you an opportunity to increase the desired factors and decrease the undesired ones. If you’re using CDN, you can make certain adjustments in its settings to get more effective services. However, there aren’t any universal recommendations how you can do this because what works for certain sites might not work for the other ones. Today, we’re going to give you a short review on the [...]