Monthly Archives: June 2016

Let’s Encrypt
30 Jun 2016
This story dates back to 2015 when the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) decided to present Beta for the Let’s Encrypt software. The main purpose of this project was to help internet users get a more secure connection between their servers and browsers called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) free of charge. On April the 12th, 2015, the program has abandoned its Beta status and initiated a new wave of changes in the worldwide internet community making millions of users change [...]
Affiliate Marketing
14 Jun 2016
Do you agree that Internet has become an efficient tool for making money? Yes, it’s really so, because the world wide web has opened immense opportunities for promoting, selling and buying various things. It doesn’t matter what you are purchasing or trading once your product has been advertised correctly. In order to make the right and effective promotion of your goods, you can always use a wide range of internet-marketing tools. SEO optimization, context and banner adverts, e-mail marketing and [...]