RTMP streaming
12 Aug 2014

Live Streaming and VoD through CDN

CDNsun meets all your online video streaming demands through unparalleled video CDN software to bring to you a live streaming experience unlike any other. With other mediums close to fossilization, we understand and congratulate the growing need for high speed internet. Anything that is progressive deserves to be complemented with technology that has been meticulously designed for a better user experience and more energy efficient speed maximization, and that’s why CDNsun succeeds with its state of the art CDN services.

Fast Worldwide Coverage

No more waiting for videos to buffer or content to load at an excruciating time pace. CDN is super important, especially for live streaming because if a network host delivers slow internet streaming, then you’re likely to miss most of the content you’re trying to watch, compromising on both speed and even pixel resolution.

Our video CDN provides any and all global content available and is situated at 70 locations (PoPs) worldwide, so that basically means you get to avail the smoothest live streaming and video on demand services in the world and view it from anywhere and on any device.

15 Day Free Trial

We offer a free of cost trial that lasts up to 15 days, just so that you can avail a service you yourself trust in. During this time period you will have access to an amazing video on demand and live streaming video CDN for no cost whatsoever.

Pay As You Go

CDNsun is your best bet for a cheap CDN that also provides the greatest coverage and doesn’t compromise on quality. The CDN service will lower the cost of bandwidth allocation and we will offer you the unique opportunity to only pay for the amount of data you consume through our network. Therefore, you get to pay as you go and save a lot through:

  • No setup fee
    Avoid the hassles of a scam that a setup fee actually is.

  • No monthly payment
    Hurray! CDNsun prides itself on being the best solution out there for a high quality, cheap CDN, and we achieve this by not charging you any monthly fees or charges.

  • No quitting charges
    In case if you’re ever in the rare position of finding yourself dissatisfied with our services or need to leave CDNsun for personal reasons, we charge no quitting fee. You are free to leave, though we do hope you will return.

24/7 Technical Support

There is nothing we want more than leaving you completely satisfied with our services. To ensure that you can experience what we have to offer to its full capacity, and to take care of any queries or concerns that you may have, we have a customer services technical support operating around the clock. We will tend to any of the complications you require assistance with in a prompt manner befitting the CDN industry.

CDNsun is the best solution out there for a fast, cheap, and reliable video CDN. Try the 15 day free trial and experience this high quality video CDN for yourself!