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CDN Industry
30 Mar 2015
To make a short review of CDN industry now days, a general definition of CDN and a history of CDN industry must be indicated first. CDN or Content Delivery Network is a net of video- and web-servers, which help users to get content that they need faster. Technology works due to a geographic spread of CDN servers that store data content depending on users requests. A user, which makes a first request on some concrete content, will wait till data [...]
26 Mar 2015
SSD stands for the Solid-State Drive (or Solid-State Disk). Actually, the construction of this data storage device does not require any actual disk or driver motor. SSD is a non-mechanical data storage device based on special integrated circuit assemblies that make persistent data storage possible. SSD technology is mostly widespread in the manufacture of compact devices, such as laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets, slowly occupying a dominant place for desktop computers and servers. Comparing to HDDs (Hard Disk Drives), [...]
Video On Demand CDN
20 Mar 2015
Video on demand (VOD) is the system of individual delivery of video and audio content to customers. TV programs, films or other content operating VOD can be delivered from the multimedia server through a digital cable, satellite or terrestrial television network. Content can be packed in various multimedia containers, such as MPEG, MKV, FLV, AVI or QuickTime. Film or other content can be ordered in any time which gives huge benefit to a user. Order carried out with a [...]
Streaming Media
18 Mar 2015
Looking for a great HTML5 player? Good news! We have extended our player generator and our CDN knowledge base by a famous HTML5 player Flowplayer. Please refer here for a Flowplayer CDN integration. Looking for streaming of video files as if they were live streams? Good news! We have extended our knowledge base by a great streaming tool FFmpeg. Please refer here for a FFmpeg integration with our CDN Live services. Sincerely your CDNsun team.
16 Mar 2015
Streaming media is a type of a live broadcast. Live broadcast includes live radio, live television, Internet radio and television, live blogging and streaming media. With streaming media user constantly receives content through the Internet from the streaming provider. Verb ‘to stream’ here characterizes the process and the method of a content delivery. Streaming media is the video and audio content that is received constantly. The main advantage and main idea of the streaming media is that a client [...]
CDN network
11 Mar 2015
Technology of CDN (Content Delivery Network) is based on a geographic proximity principle largely. Basically, that means that the closer content server is, the faster user will get what he wants. That's a benefit for both sides – user and content provider. In a fact, this is not the only factor, which effects speed of data exchange. The other important thing for CDN is server’s performance. The number of routers and gateways on a way between a server and [...]
Multi-bitrate streaming
02 Mar 2015
Multi-bitrate streaming is becoming a standard these days and it makes perfect sense because connection to the Internet differs from viewer to viewer significantly. So if you want to have as much viewers as possible then you should consider multi-bitrate streaming to be able to provide smooth streams to everyone. Multi-bitrate feature enables your viewers to change stream bitrate using player's menu. So viewers with saturated connection can switch to lower quality and viewers with good connection can enjoy [...]