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cdn edge
27 Nov 2018
CDN Edge solutions are going to become more relevant as IoT continues its impressive growth. With the arrival of 5G, the amount of data that IoT devices create is expected to increase exponentially and will require edge solutions that can store, process, and analyze the data as close to the source as possible. In the world of distributed computing, there are currently two contrary paradigms at play. On the one hand, we see the movement of I.T. workloads and data [...]
28 Nov 2017
Net neutrality is the principle that all web traffic is treated equally. The current debate around the issue is focused on keeping major internet service providers (ISPs) from becoming content gatekeepers by favoring their own services while throttling the traffic of others. While content providers such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon appear to be on the side of the consumer, they already favor their content through the use of content delivery networks (CDNs). This complicates the net neutrality [...]
Top 10 Most Ecological Data Centers In the World
30 May 2016
Where do you usually keep your information? Do you use your computer hard drive or your cloud service account to do it? Of course, using a cloud service is very handy, but have you ever thought about the technologies that make this service available for you? Once you have decided to save your information in the ‘cloud’, you place it into the particular data center that supports this service. Nowadays there are hundreds of various data centers in different parts of [...]
10 Best Web Optimization Blogs
11 May 2016
Are you afraid of SEO or search engine optimization? Of course, it isn’t an easy task and requires a certain amount of painstaking work to be done before any web project will reach its desirable degree of success. And a person who does optimization for his web resource should take into consideration a great list of things while doing his job. But do all SEO specialists think about web performance optimization? It’s not a great secret that Google and other [...]
CDN storage
27 Oct 2015
Modern world could not function properly without a large number of data centers. The reason can be found in the CDN technology. Content delivery or content distribution network nowadays helps to almost every user across the Global Net, everyday. Such system makes the content technologically closer to users to improve the quality of how their requests satisfying. End-user can feel it in a better performance, a faster page load time and a better response time. To make this happened, [...]
Apple is rumoured to be building its own content delivery network
18 Feb 2014
Article originally by Bart Pluskota the founder of CDNfinder. The need for a fast and effective content delivery network is starting to be more recognised by more and more companies around the globe. And with the fast growth of many CDNs, as countless new points of presence being developed at key hotspots around the world, performance and reach is always improving. Continuing the trend for CDN proliferation, reports have surfaced that claim Apple is looking to build its own content delivery [...]