Monthly Archives: August 2016

30 Aug 2016
Creating websites is an amazing process, because each website isn’t just a set of color schemes and fonts. It always indicates your way of thinking and even your personality in some way. You may spend loads of time and energy on making your web resource colorful, easy to use and informative, but you may not succeed without taking the right approach in the creation process. Today we are going to discuss five main steps which will help you build the [...]
Main factors of a site with CDN to be slow
15 Aug 2016
A CDN or a content delivery network is one of the most effective ways to improve your web-performance and make your site really fast. However, even if you are using a CDN service to speed up your web resource, there are still some things that will slow it down. Today we are going to speak about these things and give you several clues how to make your CDN really productive. Having a bad Internet connection may become a real headache. Even [...]