Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to Make Your GTMetrix score 100/100
28 Apr 2016
Do you want to have a prosperous online business? Then speed up your website! Your online resource may be well-optimized, but it won’t score 100/100 if it needs quite a lot of time for downloading. The truth is that quick web sites are always more popular than slow web sites. This happens due to the fact that Internet users are very impatient nowadays. They want to get the best from the best immediately. So why don’t you supply your web [...]
7 tips to speed up Magento
19 Apr 2016
According to Alexa statistics, today Magento is the most popular CMS among the online stores of the Top 1 Million. The reasons for this are many, and include a built-in rich functionality, intuitive interface, a variety of templates, extensions and more. However, if you are familiar with this CMS, you already know that its main disadvantage – the low performance - is making itself felt. The value of this indicator for eCommerce can not be overstated: in addition to the [...]
Affordable and efficient content delivery network CDNsun - effective way to distribute content worldwide
07 Apr 2016
CDNsun improves the existing approaches, expanding the possibilities of optimization and management components of the global and local levels. Today, technology allows getting access to multimedia content anywhere, anytime, with any device. Initially, the Internet was designed for the pass-through connection to the host system wasn't optimized for the transmission of multimedia data. Therefore, to meet today's needs for the transmission of large amounts of data to millions of end-users CDNsun solution allows overcoming this technical limitation. Advantages of using the CDN: Reduced [...]