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Software CDN solutions
22 May 2015
Response time of servers is the most important metric from all, that are using to monitor Content Delivery Networks. Such monitoring helps to find out the problems and to use right CDN solutions. One of the most weighty factors to improve a response time of CDN servers is to use a right software. There are plenty of software decisions, that are available for webmasters. Most of server software reviews include from ten to thirty products. Most of them are [...]
Performance tracking
18 May 2015
Content Delivery Networks became an integral part of all kind of businesses, that work online. That is why the use of service, providing by variety of CDN companies, growths year by year. They use CDNs to optimizetheir websites. But when there are some problems with CDN, it needs an optimization too. And CDN performance tracking is not so simple. Thereareseveralmetrics tomeasuretheContentDeliveryNetworkanditsconditionatthemoment. Here canbenamedthree CDN monitoring metrics: server response time performance; individualpageelements; hostspeed. Response time from CDN servers is one of the most important indexes [...]
Top Files
15 May 2015
The global use of CDN technology in a lot of online processes seems to grow year by year. There are plenty of CDN companies on this market, including small players. There are over twenty noticeablybig companies. Below,there is a list with best CDN review. Companies are selected by their POPs spread, services, customers and alsosome other factors. CDN companies will be located starting from the best. 1. Amazon CloudFront. This CDN company has 52 POPs all over the word - [...]
Review of CDN market
12 May 2015
CDN market size is undoubtedly growing up now days. The reason of that is growing use of CDN technology in online processes. Here can be mentioned a big growth of CDN website optimization among all kind of businesses and steady growth of streaming. There are over twenty companies in the CDN market that can be described as noticeable players. More than half of them can be in a best CDN list.  All CDN companies can be divided in three groups: very [...]