Monthly Archives: September 2015

Status Green
29 Sep 2015
We continuously monitor the status of our content delivery network. On our status page you can inspect the actual status of all our systems and you can subscribe for updates in the status. Sincerely your CDNsun team.
CDN speed testing
08 Sep 2015
CDN systems became a really useful tool to improve website characteristics for a lot of online businesses all over the globe. Such systems use principle of technological proximity to satisfy requests better and better each day. Multiple servers are located in different geographic areas all over the world. Content distribution companies copy a popular content from the origin server and store it on delivery servers. This helps to deliver requested content faster from the closer distance. Technological proximity consists [...]
CDN basics: what is content delivery
04 Sep 2015
Content delivery or distribution is the global process, which covers almost all areas of online business. Millions of users all over the globe get required content by CDNs (content delivery companies) every day. However, most of users even not aware of the existence of CDNs. Meanwhile, content distribution plays a huge role in data exchange improving. What is content delivery network? Generally, it can be described as a system of multiple servers allocated all over the globe to deliver [...]
How to avoid ddos attacks
01 Sep 2015
DDos attacks became a real problem for most of online businesses nowadays. This way of economic pressure is very popular, because it does not leave any legally relevant evidences. At the same time such attacks can make unavailable almost any computer or system. DDos attacks are based almost on the same principle as Dos attacks. The difference is that DDos attacks use more than one computer as the attack source. Unfortunately, usually it consists of thousands of computers. Attack can [...]