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Streaming Media
25 Jun 2015
A pseudo streaming is the transfer of digital media files from a server to a client, typically using the HTTP protocol when initiated from a computer. The consumer may begin playback of the media before the download is complete. The key difference between true streaming and pseudo streaming is in how the digital media data is received and stored by the end user device that is accessing the digital media. Read in our CDN knowledge base about pseudo streaming Differences between [...]
Network distribution system
22 Jun 2015
Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are based on systems of multiple data centers. Such centers are distributed all over the globe to locate data geographically closer to the end user. Every time new request appears in a concrete geographic place, CDN temporary copies requested data to the closestCDN server. If this request will be regular, then data will be stored. Users will get requested data from the closest CDN server, that has such content. Actually, proximity is not the only [...]
Companies that provide fastest CDN
19 Jun 2015
There are plenty of content distribution companies that provide their services all over the globe. Over twenty of them can be selected as noticeable players, over ten - as the most popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) companies. Usually online-businesses compare these companies on such characteristics as number of PoPs, their presence in different regions, security settings, service flexibility and price policy. These characteristics help to find out which company provides the most useful service for a concrete business. However, the connectivity is not less important [...]
CDN security
15 Jun 2015
Bigger growth of CDN use among all kind of businesses puts bigger queries for a security. The need to protect CDN data arises from the essence of Content Delivery Network mechanism. CDNs are based on a principle of geographically close location of data to end users. That makes request time from the server faster. As a result, the website performance is improving too. To make this possible, CDN customers allow CDN's to locate the selected data on the edge servers. Some of CDN companies have a [...]
CDN CloudFront
10 Jun 2015
Many businesses over the globe now days use the CDN technology to improve an interconnection with their customers. CDNs or Content Delivery Networks are large distributed systems of servers around the world. They are deployed in data centers across the Internet to improve data delivery. Due to the CDN, the end user gets requested data faster. The mechanism of this technology can be simply described as follows. Data is stored not only on the main server, but on a [...]
04 Jun 2015
MODX is a free, open source content management system and web application framework for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets. MODX is licensed under the GPL, is written in the PHP programming language, and supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server as the database. Visit the CDNsun knowledge base for MODX CDN integration how-to. View the MODX CDN plugin on GitHub. Sincerely your CDNsun team. Sources: Wikipedia ,