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Top 10 Most Ecological Data Centers In the World
30 May 2016
Where do you usually keep your information? Do you use your computer hard drive or your cloud service account to do it? Of course, using a cloud service is very handy, but have you ever thought about the technologies that make this service available for you? Once you have decided to save your information in the ‘cloud’, you place it into the particular data center that supports this service. Nowadays there are hundreds of various data centers in different parts of [...]
7 Drupal performance tips
17 May 2016
7 Drupal performance tips Drupal is a universal open source CMS, which is successfully used to create sites of varying spheres, such as news portals, blogs, even online stores, due to the large number of additional modules. Depending on the Internet project orientation, the developers use the appropriate themes, modules and "ready-made" Drupal builds, created for the specific site types. In this article, we’ll try to answer one of the most important questions the developers working with this platform are faced [...]
10 Best Web Optimization Blogs
11 May 2016
Are you afraid of SEO or search engine optimization? Of course, it isn’t an easy task and requires a certain amount of painstaking work to be done before any web project will reach its desirable degree of success. And a person who does optimization for his web resource should take into consideration a great list of things while doing his job. But do all SEO specialists think about web performance optimization? It’s not a great secret that Google and other [...]