Monthly Archives: October 2015

CDN storage
27 Oct 2015
Modern world could not function properly without a large number of data centers. The reason can be found in the CDN technology. Content delivery or content distribution network nowadays helps to almost every user across the Global Net, everyday. Such system makes the content technologically closer to users to improve the quality of how their requests satisfying. End-user can feel it in a better performance, a faster page load time and a better response time. To make this happened, [...]
CDN for video content distribution
23 Oct 2015
Content delivery networks or content distribution networks are hardly new systems. They have been a growing part of the Internet since the nineties. Nowadays they become an integral part of the Internet’s content food chain. Nearly 100 percent users all over the globe deal with different CDNs day by day (especially with the video distribution network). Such systems consist of multiple servers distributed in different countries. Content delivery is based on a principle of technological closeness to the end [...]
Top Files
20 Oct 2015
In addition to our collection of CDN usage analysis tools consisting of reports, live reports, advanced reports and raw logs we are happy to announce a new type of reports - the real time reports. The real time reports are reports with almost no delay (avg. 2 sec) and in our dashboard you can already see a first example - a list of top files served via a CDN service. For every URL you can check how much traffic it [...]