30 Nov 2016
When we speak of web services, the word combination ‘front end’ is often related to the interaction between a visitor’s browser and a website. Front end optimization or FEO may be compared with the process of fine-tuning a web resource in order to make it more user-friendly and speedy one. FEO is usually used when you need to reduce the file sizes and decrease the number of requests needed for a given page to load. Overall, this content optimization has [...]
18 Nov 2016
Modern technologies do influence our lives. Every day we hear or read about new devices, apps, programs or ideas invented or developed to find solutions to the most complicated human problems. Inventors and scholars do their best to transform this world and make it more understandable and easy to live in. When you’re retailer or online merchant, you’re often lured to try something new to attract more customers to your online store or eCommerce website. However, some innovations bring a [...]
07 Nov 2016
If you’re willing to start earning money by trading things through the internet, it’s high time to create your own online store or eCommerce website. According to the latest statistic data revealed by Adobe Systems Inc., US online shoppers spent nearly $1.7 billion on buying things through the net on Thanksgiving Day in 2015. As a result, the reported eCommerce revenue during the 2015 holiday season in the USA has outreached the holiday 2014 season up to 12.1%, and [...]
01 Nov 2016
What do you know about bots? A bot is a software program designed to perform certain automated tasks on the world wide web. Bots often do unattainable and undesirable labor for us, such as: to search engine crawling, to monitor website health, to measure web resources' speed, to power APIs, to fetch web content and etc. You may also use these programs to reveal weak sides in your network’s or websites’ security and then use them to enhance your [...]
05 Oct 2016
Doing business in the Internet often requires a good protection of personal data and money transactions. If you want to buy something from the online store, you must be sure that none will steal your personal data (credit card number, PIN code and etc.). Online merchants who want to succeed in selling things online should make their store and eCommerce websites really safe for their buyers. Many of them use two-factor authentication to prevent illegal activity on their web [...]
03 Oct 2016
When you plan to earn money by eCommerce activity, you usually try to create an awesome website with catching images and useful content. Then you start to wait when your first clients will dial goods from your online store. Everything seems perfect, but your phone is silent and your mailbox is empty. Finally, you can’t understand why your online store has become so unpopular and shut down your business… However, the reason why your sales have fallen up to a zero [...]
22 Sep 2016
Being an online merchant sounds great. You sell various goods or services through the internet and make money. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? However, there are always loads of things to take into consideration before starting your first online business. For instance, you have to choose the right type of the online store, you’re going to use for making money. It can be a big online shop (something like, a simple eBay store or a small template-based eCommerce site. Sometimes [...]
16 Sep 2016
Creating a new online business always requires a good internet platform. For instance, it may be something like an online store, a message board or a content website. If you don’t want to spend loads of money and time on creating such a web resource, you may always use a content management system (CMS) to help. The two giants that spring to mind are WordPress and Drupal. Both of these platforms are extremely popular nowadays and may become a reasonable choice. [...]
12 Sep 2016
Creating a new website is always a little bit tiresome. There are loads of questions to answer. For instance, you should decide how your website will look like and the way you’re going to serve your potential clients, choose an appropriate content to attract more users and, finally, think of a good hosting. Hosting or web hosting is a service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location for the storage of web pages and files. There are two [...]
02 Sep 2016
Earning money in the internet is a real thing. You may be either a content provider who sells some products or a real e-merchant dealing with a great retail sales. Sometimes you may position yourself halfway in between, and it’s quite normal. If you want to have a profitable e-commerce business, you should certainly build a handy and easy to use web platform for your activity. For instance, you may create an online store or a website for e-commerce tasks. Nowadays, [...]