Monthly Archives: November 2015

Facebook logo
23 Nov 2015
In the following we will publish a live event stream on Facebook. A video device (camera) and an audio device (microphone) connected with the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (referred here as FMLE) or alternatively with the Wirecast, the Open broadcaster or the FFmpeg. The CDNsun account (the most important ;)) Go to Services → New Service → Live. Pick a CDN Service Domain. Please note that it can be any valid domain name. We have picked Select Internal from the Publishing Point [...]
Guide to Setting up a CDN
04 Nov 2015
In these later days more and more online businesses decide to use cdn tools. One of the main factors that influence on this process is the way how searching engines form their rankings. For example, among other things Google uses indicators for performance and page load time to determine the place of specific website in rankings. Other searching engines use similar mechanisms to form their rankings. Content delivery (distribution) networks allow every customer to improve such indicators as website’s [...]
CDN network
03 Nov 2015
We are happy to announce a 5th way to access our CDN storages - HTTPS REST API! With this API you can upload files, create directories, list directories and remove files or directories easily over an HTTPs protocol directly from your (mobile) application. Let's do a short summary of all five supported methods. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol it is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP based network, [...]
How CDN Works
02 Nov 2015
Content delivery network (or content distribution network) – is a complex system, which allows diversifying storage and delivery of content. Due to such systems online business all over the globe improve the quality of their websites and services. To reveal the essence of delivery network it is necessary to show how does a cdn work. Every content delivery system consists of a large number of servers located in multiple data-centers in different countries. Such servers form complex connections. The [...]