Monthly Archives: April 2015

Pay as you go CDN
15 Apr 2015
New CDN PoPs are available in our network! Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. It is Tunisia's largest city, the greater metropolitan area holding 2,700,000 inhabitants. Irvine is an affluent suburban city in Orange County, California, United States. It is a planned city, mainly developed by the Irvine Company since the 1960s. Formally incorporated on December 28, 1971, the 66 square miles city had a population of 212,375. Don't wait and log in to the CDNsun dashboard and subscribe to new PoPs [...]
how to build a cdn
13 Apr 2015
Before answering on a question “How?”, it's necessary to answer on a question “Why?” it is profitable to build a CDN. There are plenty of already existing CDN’s which are ready to use; why building a CDN still make sense? First of all, in own CDN building it is possible to make an optimal geographical spread of CDN servers. CDN technology is largely based on geographically close location to users, that’s why it is important to have a possibility [...]
Website CDN
06 Apr 2015
One of the main reasons of CDN popularity now days is Google (and other searching engines). Google has started using pagespeed as a ranking factor, that’s why website CDN (and boosting that it can give) is now in use of many businesses and webmasters. CDN however provide a faster experience for customers (users) and this definitely influence on users satisfaction and consequently - on sells. An additional reason of CDN popularity – is a big growth of mobile users, [...]
CDN network
03 Apr 2015
The question of expediency of CDN management for every concrete website in the concrete moment is a question of business strategy, target market and preparedness. Content delivery setup is undoubtedly a part of an overall website strategy, but it is definitely not a first step to improve the website. The process of CDN setup optimally should start only when all other processes to improve a website done. First of all the company must be sure that website is already [...]