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Website Speed Test Tools
29 Mar 2016
The main thing for website is to provide quality content, but none of the Websites will be successful if it is granted with the good stuff, but long overdue. If you have a website in Flash and it's full of different information, and your regular readers are aware of this, they may wait for the download. On the other hand, if your website is a bare text, and it is loaded by the same amount of time, no one will [...]
21 Mar 2016
CDN (Content Delivery Network) - a technology that allows you to deliver content to users in different regions: faster upload of images, videos, simple pages on your site. This article focuses on how people using the CDN could win in SEO and how not to lose the position and the traffic, including traffic from vertical searches. How to use the CDN properly to promote the site and not lose the traffic? It is well known that search engines take into [...]
CDNsun ecommerce
16 Mar 2016
Slow websites are terribly annoying. It would seem that this problem was to remain in the age of analog modems, but even now we regularly spend our nerves, waiting for loading the next page. If you look at this issue from the point of site owners, it becomes even more acute. According to a study of American web research: 47% of users wait a web page to load in 2 seconds; 40% of visitors may leave the site, which is loaded more [...]
CDN for your website
07 Mar 2016
Content Delivery Network – is the system which serves content to the user. Service provider, providing CDN services offers to transport static content and streaming video as quickly as possible to the consumer. For the distribution of content on the server system the company uses its own dedicated network or the Internet, and the distribution of content on the CDN servers is also optimized. Switches are used though, which operate not only on the 2nd channel level, but also [...]