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20 Apr 2017
If you need a lightweight and easy tool to build up your website, try your hands with Perch. It’s a Content Management System (CMS) designed for those who praise simplicity in everything. The main reasons why Perch is chosen among its counterparts are the following: This CMS isn’t overloaded with templates, plugins and other features (you’re the one who decides when to add the feature or not); You don’t need special training to use this CMS; When you choose Perch, [...]
13 Apr 2017
When you build up a WordPress (WP) online resource, don’t forget about its speed. Web performance really matters nowadays: an ordinary internet user lets a website download no more than 3 seconds before abandoning it forever. The speed of your online resource also influences your SEO rankings: search engines ‘like’ fast websites and often rank them higher than their slower counterparts. The necessity of making your website a speedy one seems to be quite obvious. There are several methods how [...]
30 Mar 2017
IPS CMS is a content management system that allows you to create blogs, forums and image galleries. You may try your hands with it because: It will help you to introduce your new product to the audience; You may easily improve the work of your support team and speed up communication inside your company with this CMS; This CMS will give you an opportunity to increase your customer loyalty. Choosing IPS CMS sounds quite beneficial, although there are some cases [...]
20 Feb 2017
Kentico is a content management system designed for creating online stores, websites, Web 2.0 communities and intranets. More than 4000 websites have already been designed with the help of this CMS, so you may also try your hands with it in case you need to create your own online resource. Though Kentico is considered to be an excellent solution for getting an operational website in no time, sometimes it also needs to be speeded up. Today, we’re going to give [...]
01 Feb 2017
If you plan to create and maintain a forum, you can use a special software to help you do this. For instance, we are going to speak about XenForo: it’s an extremely popular community forum software based on Zend Framework and released in 2011. Though, Xenforo seems to be a nice solution for making forums, sometimes, it needs to be speeded up in case you want to get the best SEO rankings or provide your target audience with a user [...]
12 Jan 2017
If you plan to start your own online business and don’t know which CMS to use to create your own online store, you may always try your hands with X-Cart. This eCommerce shopping cart software is considered to be one of the most universal tools in building online stores. Most of online business owners choose X-Cart because: It owns excellent search and marketing capabilities; It gives the site better SEO ranking; You can easily track customer order history with [...]
26 Dec 2016
If you want to start your own online business, you certainly need an online resource which will help you to trade your goods. For instance, you may try your hands with OpenCart. It’s an open-source content management system developed on PHP. Using this CMS is quite beneficial. Firstly, it’s a free software: it means you won’t have to pay anything for it. It’s really ease to use it: you need to install OpenCart, choose an appropriate template and start earning [...]
23 Dec 2016
ODOO or OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a universal platform created to help companies of various sizes manage their activities. All in all, this platform is able to assist in managing finance, trading, accounting, human resources and loads of other things. If you are a CEO of the company and need an effective tool for controlling your business, try your hands with ODOO as this CMS features an intuitive interface and you can easily change it by using both [...]
How to Speed Up PrestaShop
20 Jul 2016
PrestaShop may become a perfect choice for those who want to trade their goods with the help of the internet. This engine has a great bunch of advantages to be chosen among its counterparts. For instance, PrestaShop is cross platform software that is spread on the internet completely free of charge. It means you can create an awesome online store or the goods catalogue with its help and without paying a single cent for it. PrestaShop is a modular and [...]
7 Drupal performance tips
17 May 2016
7 Drupal performance tips Drupal is a universal open source CMS, which is successfully used to create sites of varying spheres, such as news portals, blogs, even online stores, due to the large number of additional modules. Depending on the Internet project orientation, the developers use the appropriate themes, modules and "ready-made" Drupal builds, created for the specific site types. In this article, we’ll try to answer one of the most important questions the developers working with this platform are faced [...]