01 Feb 2017

How to Speed Up XenForo?

If you plan to create and maintain a forum, you can use a special software to help you do this. For instance, we are going to speak about XenForo: it’s an extremely popular community forum software based on Zend Framework and released in 2011.

Though, Xenforo seems to be a nice solution for making forums, sometimes, it needs to be speeded up in case you want to get the best SEO rankings or provide your target audience with a user friendly online resource.

Today, we’re going to give you some tips and clues on website acceleration and pay a special attention to speeding up XenForo.

If you own a website or a forum developed on XenForo, you may do the following steps to speed it up:

1.Start with CDN

Using a CDN is an easiest way to speed up any web resource, including community forums developed with the help of a XenForo framework. CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be viewed as a network of servers dispersed around the world and used for speeding up a content delivery.

The basic benefits of XenForo CDN integration are the following:

  • CDN reduces the time of web pages downloading as the content is delivered from the servers located not far from the target audience residence place;
  • Viewing a static copy of the website reduces the hosting bandwidth;
  • Your target audience may still view your website even if the original online resource goes down.

2. Use Caching

Caching can also become an effective tool in speeding up XenForo. You may do this either by adding a special caching plugin or making the necessary adjustments on the server side.

3. Pay Attention to Image Optimization

Reducing the sizes of the image files can significantly accelerate any website (especially, XenForo as the forums built with the help of this framework may contain immense image attachments in threads). By magnifying your images you speed up the rendering time and save the disc space on your server.

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