23 Dec 2016

ODOO or OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a universal platform created to help companies of various sizes manage their activities. All in all, this platform is able to assist in managing finance, trading, accounting, human resources and loads of other things. If you are a CEO of the company and need an effective tool for controlling your business, try your hands with ODOO as this CMS features an intuitive interface and you can easily change it by using both customized and community modules.

Today, we’re going to speak about the main benefits of using ODOO and give some tips on how to integrate this CMS with CDN.

Why Should I Choose ODOO?

Choosing ODOO is quite beneficial because it’s:

  • Comprehensive (the platform consists of a great variety of modules and one can easily find a combination that can meet his needs in a business management);
  • Modular (a modular platform is easy to use: you integrate several modules and start working nearly at once. You may also add some additional modules later or make all necessary changes);
  • Flexible (ODOO requires only some basic training and is really handy in use);
  • Constantly updated (the platform is able to modify itself along with a technology advance);
  • Free (the platform is totally free: you don’t need to purchase any licenses);

How to Implement ODOO?

  1. Define the objective

The ODOO developers tried to customize and integrate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) module to connect finance, sales, manufacturing, accounting and production modules.

  1. Define the solution

The platform features an open source infrastructure (OpenObject framework) which was written in Python and which combines 30 core modules and 300 community modules. The client chooses the developed module depending on his needs and this module permits actions to be taken at the component level, allows and tracks communication via email and integrates other platform’s documents, workflows and features.

  1. Define the specific benefits

ODOO allows to manage all resources in one place: it’s an open-source system and gets constant contributions and updates from its community. The core of the platform is written in Python and can be easily changed according to the clients needs.

Why to Integrate CDN With ODOO

A Content Delivery Network or CDN is a network of servers scattered around the world. It is really able to speed up Odoo, website speed is one of the main factors not only for visitors but for search engine systems as well. Odoo CDN integration will be the most appropriate solution to improve the performance of the site and rank position in search engines.