30 Mar 2017

How to Speed Up IPS sites?

IPS CMS is a content management system that allows you to create blogs, forums and image galleries. You may try your hands with it because:

  • It will help you to introduce your new product to the audience;
  • You may easily improve the work of your support team and speed up communication inside your company with this CMS;
  • This CMS will give you an opportunity to increase your customer loyalty.

Choosing IPS CMS sounds quite beneficial, although there are some cases when this CMS should be optimized. For instance, you may need to make certain adjustments inside your online resource built on IPS CMS to make it a speedy one.

Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how to speed up websites built on IPS CMS.

Tip 1: Reduce the Number of Request

If you want to speed a website, you may start by reducing the number of requests sent to the server. Your browser allows you only a limited number of requests at one time. Every extra request makes your website a little bit slower.

To minimize the number of requests, you may try to combine all your CSS and JS files into a single file. The same can be done with the images by uniting them in a single sprint.

It’s recommended to use a CDN for website as this service is able to provide you with additional domains and enlarge the number of requests at one time.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Too Many Plugins

Using various plugins may make your website a functional one: you may easily add new services or track the changes with the help of these applications. However, you don’t need to add too many plugins to your website as they may slow down your website because of a great number of requests they may need.

Tip 3: Use a CDN for Your IPS Site

Using a CDN integration for IPS sites is really able to speed up web resources created on this CMS platform as it’s able to:

  • Accelerate the loading time of the website;
  • Give your target users an opportunity to download your content from the server that is located not far from their place of residence and enhance their user experience;
  • Get additional domains and enlarge the number of requests for your website.

These simple solutions can really  make your online resource a speedy one. Once you’ve got interested in how to integrate IPS with CDN, visit the CDNsun official website and get the entire information there.