20 Apr 2017

If you need a lightweight and easy tool to build up your website, try your hands with Perch. It’s a Content Management System (CMS) designed for those who praise simplicity in everything.

The main reasons why Perch is chosen among its counterparts are the following:

  • This CMS isn’t overloaded with templates, plugins and other features (you’re the one who decides when to add the feature or not);
  • You don’t need special training to use this CMS;
  • When you choose Perch, you get the entire control over the web content and the code (you may easily customize your web content according to your requirements and needs).

Using Perch CMS sounds quite beneficial. However, even this CMS has its drawbacks: for instance, a site built on Perch CMS may not perform fast enough for getting higher Google rankings.

Today, we’re going to give you several tips on how to boost up a Perch online resource. So let us start.

Tip 1: Choose an Appropriate Hosting Plan

When you launch your website, you often choose the cheapest hosting plan (for instance, you may choose shared hosting to save money). However, within a short period of time, your online resource starts to ‘grow’ as you constantly add new content and features to it. A great amount of files to be delivered and a shared hosting plan may become the main reasons of a poor web performance.

To fix this problem, you should upgrade your hosting plan: you may choose either Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting or a dedicated option.

Tip 2: Apply for Browser Caching

Caching is considered to be one of the most effective ways of speeding up web resources. When you choose this technique, you let your static web content (HTML docs, images, CSS and JS files and etc.) to be stored in the interim storage area on the hard disc of the internet user and to be downloaded from there every time this user wants to browse your site. This simple option helps you to cut down your loading time up to 0.9 seconds. However, this solution works only with constant internet users who really like your online resource.

Tip 3: Try Your Hands With CDN

One of the most effective ways to speed up your website is to use a Perch CDN integration. When you start using such service, you let your web content to be copied, cached  and placed on the servers scattered around the world. Every time, when your target user who lives pretty far away from the location of the initial server wants to browse your website, he gets data from the server that is situated nearby. In such way you may easily reduce the load on your initial server and supply your visitors with an excellent user experience.

Today, we’ve tried to give you three simple clues on how to speed up your site. We hope our post will help you to accelerate your Perch website effectively.