12 Jan 2017

How to Boost Sites on X-Cart?

If you plan to start your own online business and don’t know which CMS to use to create your own online store, you may always try your hands with X-Cart. This eCommerce shopping cart software is considered to be one of the most universal tools in building online stores. Most of online business owners choose X-Cart because:

  • It owns excellent search and marketing capabilities;
  • It gives the site better SEO ranking;
  • You can easily track customer order history with X-Cart;
  • You can use a product option module to trade a single item with it.

Though using X-Cart sounds quite beneficial, sometimes you do need to do something to speed up a web site built on this CMS. Today, we’re going to speak about general tips on how to speed up website built on X-Cart.

X-Cart Speeding Up Tips

If you aren’t satisfied with the way your X-Cart website performs, you may do certain steps to boost it. For instance, you can make certain changes in the X-Cart admin section to enhance the website’s performance:

  • Transfer all images in the file system and don’t store them in the database.
  • Disallow the functions and modules you aren’t using at the moment.
  • Try not to use the Advanced Statistic module as it ‘steals’ the traffic.

You may proceed with enabling the following options in the admin section aimed to optimize Xcart:

  • Choose the option that allows not to check if the templates have been changed (Smarty compile_check).
  • Try not to remove empty strings in templates.
  • Don’t make any changes in the PHP mold.
  • Avoid using international descriptions on all the pages related to one product.

Don’t miss an opportunity to check the X-Cart benchmarks: you may find out how much time Mysql, PHP and Smarty need for downloading.

If you want to make your website run faster, you may always try your hands with compression, as extracting spaces in data helps to make your website run faster.

How CDN Can Boost Your X-Cart Website

Using an Xcart CDN integration will really help you to speed up your online store as your content will be copied and placed on various servers around the world. What does it mean? Every time, your final user who lives in a large distance from your initial server’s location wants to browse your website, he’ll get the data from the delivery point that is situated not far from his residence place. This makes your content delivery faster and your prospective client happier!