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CDN storage
22 Oct 2018
CDN Storage is an essential element of the service a Content Delivery Network (CDN) utilizes to improve the performance, scalability, and availability of your website. CDNs are able to provide these benefits by caching your website’s static content on servers across the world ensuring the shortest delivery route to your global users. There are two distinct methods CDNs utilize to perform this caching service, push publishing and pull publishing. Push CDN publishing involves the consistent copying of your static files [...]
RTMP streaming
08 Dec 2015
Few weeks ago we were happy to announce a 5th way how to access our CDN storages - HTTPS REST API. Now we are happy again because we have integrated the API into our CDN dashboard and created a 6th way how to access our CDN storages - web based file manager. It is an easy-to-use file manager aimed on improving user experience of our CDN dashboard. To upload a file to your CDN storage you no more need [...]
CDN network
03 Nov 2015
We are happy to announce a 5th way to access our CDN storages - HTTPS REST API! With this API you can upload files, create directories, list directories and remove files or directories easily over an HTTPs protocol directly from your (mobile) application. Let's do a short summary of all five supported methods. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol it is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP based network, [...]
New Push Server and Large Volume Pricing
23 Apr 2014
We have been busy last week and I'm happy to announce the following upgrades of our CDN services. At https://cdnsun.com/cdn/storages you can now access storage settings which allows you to - check your storage disk usage and quota - set your SSH public keys for RSYNC over SSH content uploads We have added push-21.cdnsun.com to our push servers farm. Please kindly use it for your USA content origins of your push CDN services (Static Push and Video Push). Please refer to https://cdnsun.com/knowledgebase/get-started/choosing-the-right-cdn-service-type" for more [...]