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RTMP streaming
08 Dec 2015
Few weeks ago we were happy to announce a 5th way how to access our CDN storages - HTTPS REST API. Now we are happy again because we have integrated the API into our CDN dashboard and created a 6th way how to access our CDN storages - web based file manager. It is an easy-to-use file manager aimed on improving user experience of our CDN dashboard. To upload a file to your CDN storage you no more need [...]
Streaming Media
25 Jun 2015
A pseudo streaming is the transfer of digital media files from a server to a client, typically using the HTTP protocol when initiated from a computer. The consumer may begin playback of the media before the download is complete. The key difference between true streaming and pseudo streaming is in how the digital media data is received and stored by the end user device that is accessing the digital media. Read in our CDN knowledge base about pseudo streaming Differences between [...]
Differences of true streaming and pseudo streaming
22 Jun 2014
Both true streaming and pseudo streaming work with Flash players like JW Player or Flowplayer and work also with Apple and Android devices. However true streaming is more compatible since it is delivered over multiple protocols like RTMP/RTMPE, RTSP, HLS, HDS, etc. True streaming only pulls video chunks from the to the CDN cache that are requested by the end-user. On the other hand pseudo streaming pulls the whole video file from the to the CDN cache. So in particular [...]