25 Jul 2017

Web Performance: How Important is it Today?

When you are creating an eCommerce website, there are always quite a lot of things to take into consideration. For instance, you have to invent an original web design to make your online platform look unique compared to its counterparts. In addition, you need to care about your user experience if you want to attract more online visitors. Finally, you shouldn’t forget about your web performance.

Today, we’re going to speak about web performance and the things it actually influences on.

1. Bounce Rate

If you’re willing to earn some money by trading things online, you need to attract more customers to your eCommerce platform. For instance, you can do this by offering lower prices or some discounts for your permanent customers. However, none will know about your offers if your site is a slow one. According to the latest research conducted by Google, an average online user spends less than 10 seconds to let a site download. This is a critically short period of time, and if you can’t match this requirement, there is always a great probability that your bounce rate will be rather high.

2. Custom Loyalty

Nowadays, most of the online shoppers really care about the quality of the service they are booking. For instance, they often prefer to deal with quick sites. The latest survey made by Compuware has revealed that 33% of responders won’t shop anything from the online store if its site requires much time to download, and 46% of responders will try their luck with faster competitor sites.

3. SEO Rankings

When you need to find some information on the net, you usually use a search engine. This is a special software designed to help you find necessary data on the net. None actually knows how search engines work, and why some sites are ranked higher than the others. Nevertheless, most of the web owners assume that websites with a better web performance are always ranked higher than slower ones.

In this post, we have discussed only a short list of things a web performance usually influences on. Of course, there is a great number of other things that can be influenced by a fast or slow speed of the website, and web owners who are willing to boost up the speed of their online platforms can always enhance their web performance with CDN.