04 Jul 2017

How CDN Can Influence Your Google Ranking

If you own an eCommerce website, you need to have good SEO rankings to get more visitors and conversions. There are quite a lot of things that may influence on the way Google or Bing may rank your website. One of them is a CDN.

Today, we’re going to speak about a CDN and the way it influences on SEO ranking.

What is a CDN and Why I Should Use It?

A CDN is a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing CSS, JS, image and audio files. Every time, when you apply for such kind of service, you let your web content to be copied, cached and stored on servers united into a CDN network.

Website owners around the world also use a CDN as:

  • It enhances your web performance drastically (with a CDN, you give your online users an opportunity to stream web content from the server located close to their place of residence);
  • It provides you with an internet connection of a high quality (you get less traffic spikes and package loss with a CDN);
  • It cuts down your hosting expenses (you don’t need to pay for hosting your web content in foreign countries when you use a CDN);
  • CDN is able to protect your web content from malicious software like scrappers, spamming bots and etc.

How Can a CDN Boost My SEO Ranking?

If your website isn’t ranked highly by Google, you may often use a CDN to fix the problem. A CDN storage can really boost up your SEO rankings as:

  • It enhances your web performance (None knows what criteria Google or Bing uses to rank websites. However, most of experts think that speedy websites often get higher SEO rankings than their slower counterparts);
  • It improves your user experience (when you use a CDN, you often get a better internet connection so your final users get a better user experience while surfing your site);
  • A CDN can give you an opportunity to place your web content closer to your target audience which can also influence favorably on your SEO ranking;
  • With a CDN, you can make sure that your content is identical across servers and locations;
  • When you use a CDN, you often apply for caching algorithms and canonical headers that can help you battle duplicate content creating issues.

Today, we have discussed the main benefits you can get for your SEO ranking with a CDN. We hope that our post will help in some way.