31 Jul 2017

How to Boost Discourse CMS?

If you require an effective tool to build up a unique and handy discussion platform, you may always try your hands with Discourse CMS. This is an open-source CMS that can be used as a mailing list, a chat room or a discussion forum.

Here is a short list of benefits you may get, once you’ve decided to try your hands with it:

  • When you use Discourse CMS, you get a unique opportunity to develop a civilized community that can defend itself from spammers, trolls and other malicious community members;
  • It’s an open source CMS available to everyone who desires to create a discussion platform;
  • It’s really handy in use and features a great number of services that can be found in Facebook or Twitter.

Thought Discourse CMS is a good choice, sometimes, it really needs to be boosted up in some way. Today, we’re going to give you several simple tips on how to enhance the web performance of the site created with the help of Discourse CMS.

Tip 1: Use a Lightweight Theme

When you’re creating a discussion platform, you need to use an appropriate theme to make your site look unique. However, each theme is coded in a different way that’s why some themes may ‘weigh’ more than the others.

If you aren’t willing to get any problems with the web performance of your site in the future, you need to opt for a really lightweight CMS.

Tip 2: Try Your Hands with Caching

If you are really willing to speed up your site, try your hands with caching. This simple solution can help you eliminate an extra and unnecessary load on your server and store your posts and web pages as static files that can be served to your website visitors.

Caching can be performed by caching plugins and implementing server-side or browser caching.

Tip 3: Try a CDN

Before creating any discussion platform, you need to know who will be your target audience. For instance, you may create a forum or a chat room for people who reside in the same country like you. However, you can also build up a discussing platform for online visitors from other countries, and this is the right time when you may need to use a Discource CDN integration

A Content Delivery Network or a CDN is a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing and delivering web content such as audio, video, JS, CSS and image files. It means that every time your online visitors wish to browse your site, they would get data from the server located closer to them instead of addressing the initial server.

Today, we have shared several simple tips on how to boost up Discource CMS. We hope that our post will be helpful to you.