20 Jan 2017

Top Web Performance Mistakes

When you own an online business, there are always loads of things to take into consideration or pay attention to if you want to make your enterprise a successful one. For instance, you shouldn’t forget to check your web performance because it really matters in attracting potential clients and convincing them to buy things from you.

The latest internet researches have revealed that an average internet user is ready to wait no more than 2 seconds before the site downloads. It’s critically small amount of time, so the faster your web performance is, the better it is. Finally, really fast websites:

  • They have better bounce and conversion rates.
  • The owners of speedy websites earn more money compared with their slower counterparts.
  • Quick websites are considered to be more user-friendly.
  • Google likes speed, so fast eCommerce web resources have higher SEO ranks.

Today, we’re going to speak about top web performance mistakes to avoid to help you enhance your web performance.

Mistake 1: Loads of HTTP Requests

If you website performs poorly, don’t linger to check whether it makes a great number of HTTP requests. It’s vital to do this, because it may be the main reason of its slow performance.

To fix this problem, you may try to:

  • Combine stylesheets and scripts.
  • Unite images with sprites.
  • Try to use less images.
  • caches images with cdn.

Mistake 2: Minimal Client-side Processing

Many sites tend to push all the work to the server to leverage their clients’ capabilities. It takes time and seems to be extremely effectless.

To enhance the client-side processing, use web standards to separate the content (HTML), styling (CSS) and behavior (JavaScript).

Mistake 3: Not Enough Number of Parallel Requests

The succession of the similar actions made one after another takes the time and influence the web performance immensely. To decrease the number of parallel request, you may:

  • Use domain sharding;
  • Apply for intelligent script loading;
  • Make sure that the server doesn’t cancel the default behavior for HTTP 1.1 and reuses the same TCP connection for numerous HTTP request/answer cycles.

Mistake 4: The Wrong Use of Global Network

When you lead an online business, you should always take into consideration geography. For instance, you content won’t be delivered equally fast in various parts of our planet. If you target users live far from you initial server’s location, you may also try to use CDN for website . A  CDN provider places his servers (Points of Presence) around the world and stores your web content (images, CSS and JavaScript files). Every time an internet user browses your site, he gets data from the server located close to his residence place, in such a way your site loads faster.