Review of CDN market
12 May 2015

Review of CDN market

CDN market size is undoubtedly growing up now days. The reason of that is growing use of CDN technology in online processes. Here can be mentioned a big growth of CDN website optimization among all kind of businesses and steady growth of streaming. There are over twenty companies in the CDN market that can be described as noticeable players. More than half of them can be in a best CDN list.  All CDN companies can be divided in three groups:

  1. very large networks with a big amount of servers through all continents, that provide a massive list of services for all kind of customers;
  2. large networks, often with their own know-how in cables, servers and hardware/software decisions. They have their own loyal big clients – corporations, concerns etc.;
  3. smaller networks, that have fewer customers and provide flexible service to every client.

In first group such CDNs can be named: AmazonCloudFront, CDN77, CDNsun, CacheFly, Akamai, Highwinds, CDNetworks, CDNify, ChinaCache, ChinaNetCenter, NGENIX, MaxCDN, SkyparkCDN. These companies usually propose customers to choose from their fixed wide range of services. Most of them have focused their presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. But they usually have some POPs (Points of Presence) in South America and Africa too. For example, AmazonCloudFront have 20 POPs in North America, 16 POPs in Europe, 14 POPs in Asia Pacific and only 2 POPs on other continents. ForCacheFly it will be 12, 16, 8 and 5 respectively. For CDN77 – 7, 11, 6 and 3 respectively. CDNsun has the biggest number of POPs in Europe – 44. Totally they have more than eighty POP’s all over the world. Thereby, every CDN company focus on some region and after that spread their presence all over the word.

Such companies can be counted in the second group -AT&T, Level 3, Akamai, EdgeCast, Limelight, Windows Azure and maybe some others. Clients of these companies are large and well known all over the world. For example, Windows Azure has such customers as NASA, Boeing,Xerox, T-Mobile, GANT, Lockheed Martin, Telefonica,Kelly Blue Book,Vela Entertainment and Travelocity. Limelight CDN company can boasts with such clients as Amazon Unbox, Dreamworks, Xbox, Electronic Arts, the Dallas Cowboys, Lonely Planet, andITV Play. Therein,Akamai have been counted in two groups, because it has characteristics of both of them. Adobe, Audi, Apple, BMW Japan, Fujitsu, FedEx, MySpace, IBM Corporation, Nintendo, Sony Ericsson, Yahoo! and U.S. Geographical Survey – these are famous client of this CDN company.

First two groups have almost all CDN market share. But the third group is slowly start to increase its share. There is quite a big number of companies in this group, from the smallest to bigger companies. For example, here can be mentioned such CDN companies as BitGravity, NetDNA, Incapsula, Internap, KeyCDN, Leaseweb andXCDN. As it already said, sometimes these companies can offer awider spread in customer base, than companies from the first group. Their benefit is that they can work with static-based single websites, as well as large enterprises. However, the above mentioned division is conditional and depends on the characteristics that counted.