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15 May 2015

Best CDN review in 2015

The global use of CDN technology in a lot of online processes seems to grow year by year. There are plenty of CDN companies on this market, including small players. There are over twenty noticeablybig companies. Below,there is a list with best CDN review. Companies are selected by their POPs spread, services, customers and alsosome other factors. CDN companies will be located starting from the best.

1. Amazon CloudFront. This CDN company has 52 POPs all over the word – 20 in North America, 16 in Europe, 14 in Asia Pacific and 2 on other continents. It provides service ‘pay as you go’, so customers will pay only for what they actually use. This company has a lot of customers all over the world, from single website businesses to biggest enterprises. That is why it is in every CDNs review and takes first positions. The price is quite big though – from $60 for 500 GB to 4400 for 50 TB.

2. Akamai. This company has over 4000 clients from different industries. It works mainly with large enterprises.Their clients are such famous companies as Apple,Adobe,BMW Japan, Fujitsu,Audi, FedEx, MySpace, IBM Corporation, Nintendo, Yahoo!,Sony Ericsson and U.S. Geographical Survey. The company has more than 100000 servers in greater than 90 countries.

3. CDNsun. It has more than 85 POPs all over the world – 25 in America, 44 in Europe (this number is biggest among all CDN companies in the list)and 16 in Asia Pacific. The price is lowest in this list – $20 for 500 GB and $1600 for 50 TB. This CDN company also provides ‘pay as you go’ service for its customers.This company provides an affordable and qualitative service for all kind of customers.

4. CDN77. Their price is half as much, comparing to CloudFront – $24.5 for 500 GB and $2250 for 50 TB. In addition, they guarantee a full 30-day money back. Their presence are 27 edge servers in SSD-based data centers all over the word – 7 in North America, 11 in Europe, 6 in Asia Pacific and 3 on other continents. It provides service ‘pay as you go’ for its customers.

5. Windows Azure – this CDN company works with such giant enterprises as NASA, Vela Entertainment, T-Mobile, Kelly Blue Book,Boeing, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, Telefonica, GANT andTravelocity. Company’sworld-class data centers can be found in every Internet-ready marketplace.

6. Limelight.Well known company. Its clients are Xbox,Amazon Unbox, the Dallas Cowboys, Electronic Arts,, Dreamworks, Lonely Planet and ITV Play.

7. Level 3. This company takes 19 place in the world’s 20 top telecommunication companies. It is one of the top 5 wireless service providers in the US. It is also third in the top 4 telecommunications providers in Asia.

8. CacheFly. They have 41 POPs around the world – 12 in North America, 16 in Europe, 8 in Asia Pacific and 5 on other continents. Price is bigger than CloudFront’s – $5000 and ‘pay as you go’ service is unavailable.

9. MaxCDN. This company has 16 POPs around the word, 9 of them are in North America.Company’s prices are- $40 for 500 Gb and 2560 for 50 TB.

10. Fastly. Prices are close to CloudFront prices. Company’s presence all over the word – 8 POP’s in North America, 2 in Europe and 5 in Asia Pacific.

This review CDN presents only one of possible opinions and may be changed, if companies will be selected on other characteristics.

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