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12 Jun 2017

Main Features Your Website Needs to Be Profitable

Owning an eCommerce website can become a good way for earning some money. However, it doesn’t mean that you will start earning immediately after having launched your own web platform. Your main goal is to attract your website visitors’ attention to the product or service your website is advertising and persuade them to purchase it.

Today, we’re going to give you some tips and clues on how to make your site a profitable one with the help of some simple tricks. So let us started.

Trick 1: Choose a Professional Clean Layout to Catch the Attention of the Visitors of Your Site

We advise you to start with choosing a simple but caching web design for your eCommerce site. It’s quite important to do this as the way your landing page is designed influences directly the fact whether you website visitors will become your clients or not.

Our recommendation is not to overload your home page with unnecessary stuff like the history of your business. Think of the problems your goods or services may help ordinary people to solve and put the information of such services on your landing page.

Trick 2: Try to Capture Leads

If online users visit your site and start to surf it, it’s a good sign. However, it may be the first signal to capture leads by building a list of prospects. How can you do this? For instance, you can try to get contact information of the audience who is surfing your site to develop a relationship with them.

You can ask them to leave their name and email to get some discount or free offers – such as a free report, a coupon or any other thing that will help your customer to make the right choice. Once the user have agreed to share his name and email with you, it’s high time to email him with the information about your company. And don’t do this too frequently: just send a message from time to time.

Trick 3: Make Your Site a Speedy One

Our last recommendation for today is to try your best to speed up your site. Remember that a slow site will never be liked by internet users as they won’t even open it (the last researches of the Microsoft Bing team have shown that an ordinary user spends less than 2 seconds to let a site open before he or she decides to abandon it forever). In addition, crawling web platforms may also have bad SEO rankings for such sites so there is a big probability that in the search lists of Google, Bing or any other search engine your site won’t get top positions .

We recommend you to use a CDN storage as this is considered to be one of the most effective solutions for improving web performance of your site.

Here are some simple clues on how to create and own a profitable eCommerce website. We hope that our simple recommendations will help you earn more with your online resource.