06 Jun 2017

Want to Open an On-line Store: Which CMS to Choose?

The number of Content Management Systems is rather big nowadays, and sometimes it’s quite difficult to make the right choice. It often requires your time, energy and even money to choose the right platform.

Today, we have prepared a number of simple tips and clues on how to pick up the right CMS. So let us start.

Tip 1: Think of Your Budget

Before starting to search for an appropriate CMS, think of the amount of money you’re going to spend on your project. It’s really important to do this as you need to understand whether you’ll use a free or paid platform, plugins, templates and themes.

Remember, that your choice of a CMS will always be determined by the budget of your project.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Architecture for Your Site

Planning your expenditures is quite important. However, it doesn’t determine everything in choosing the right CMS. Before making any decision, we advise you to think of the architecture of your future site. Websites for long term projects are usually quite flexible. You need to find a CMS that will give an opportunity to develop your site continuously.

Short-term projects often feature a complete content architecture. It means you should find a CMS that can give you an opportunity to build the site of your dream.

Tip 3: Determine Your Hosting and Integration Needs

When you look for a CMS for a particular content architecture, don’t forget to think about your hosting and integration needs. You need to do this as your site won’t run correctly if the CMS you’ve chosen doesn’t support the hosting or integrations you require.

For instance, you may need to accelerate site with CDN. Fortunately, most of CMSes can be integrated with a CDN. However, we recommend you to check whether the CMS you’ve chosen can be really boosted up with a CDN integration.

Tip 4: Assess Your Internal Capabilities

The choice of a CMS can be also determined by the staff who will work with it. For instance, your company may employ a website developer with particular knowledge and skills. Our recommendation is to choose a CMS that this employee can really work with. If your content editor is a non-technical, you should also take it into consideration while looking for an appropriate platform.

Today, we have given you some recommendations on how to choose the best platform. We hope that our post will help to make the right choice in some way.