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13 Dec 2015

HTTP/2 Protocol Tools and FAQ


Since the middle of November 2015 all our HTTP CDN services (CDN Static and CDN Static Push) support the new HTTP/2 protocol. We have deployed several tools and articles into our CDN knowledge base to help you to get familiar with this fantastic improvement of the traditional HTTP protocol.

Online HTTP/2 protocol support test

Allows you test if your CDN service or your website is compatible with the new HTTP/2 protocol. Please note that all current browsers that support HTTP/2 require SSL encrypted connection for HTTP/2 and also this tool performs the test over the https:// scheme. The tool can be found here.

HTTP/2 protocol support test

Online HTTP/2 protocol speed test

Allows you to interactively compare speed of content delivery over the traditional HTTP/1 protocol vs. the new HTTP/2 protocol. It loads the same content via HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 and measures the response time. The tool can be found here.

HTTP/2 protocol speed test

Online HTTP/2 curl

We have updated our online curl tool to the latest version to support HTTP/2 via the nghttp2 C library. If you would like to update your own command line curl to support HTTP/2 we can recommend this page on As usual the online curl tool can be found here.

HTTP/2 curl online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of frequently asked questions about the HTTP/2 protocol can be found on the HTTP/2 support and HTTP/2 speed test pages.

If you have any questions about HTTP/2 or about our CDN please contact us via our helpdesk or email our support. Sincerely your CDNsun team.

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