16 Nov 2017

CDN’s for Gaming Purposes

The video game industry is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down. Last year, the global gaming market reached about $99.6 billion, an 8.5% increase in revenue from the year before (Marketplace). North America accounted for 25% of that revenue, but the other 75% was made up of the Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions (Marketplace).

This means that people are gaming all over the world, and the best way to get fast and high quality gaming content to all of your users is through a content delivery network.

How a CDN Can Help

     –Improved Speed

Because users are scattered across the world, their connections vary. If you use a CDN, you can store content on servers all across the globe, meaning content will be stored within close proximity to each user. This will get content to users more quickly and improve their overall experience with your games.

Even the most exciting games can be jeopardized by eternal lags and broken connections. Having speedy game content delivery is essential to the success of a video game.


As games become more popular, especially ones that allow live game play, some game servers may become overwhelmed and crash due to excessive demand. Using a CDN means all servers share the burden and help prevent negative consequences due to a high number of players that are online.

     –Better Download Experiences

New technology in the gaming industry, like Ultra HD and 4K, is increasing the size of game downloads. Many gamers would agree, that when content takes hours to download, it significantly diminishes the user experience. With a CDN, downloadable content will be delivered faster, and download failures can be prevented.

Whether you are a game developer or an avid gamer, using a CDN for gaming purposes just makes sense. And CDNsun offers the best CDN for gaming services by offering connection safety and quick technical support so that any problems can be addressed before the user experience is affected.

Contact CDNsun today to learn more about how you can improve your gaming experience!

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