01 Mar 2017

Top CDN Optimizations Will Be Useful for Every Business

According to BusinessDictionary.com optimization is viewed as the process of finding an alternative which gives you an opportunity to increase the desired factors and decrease the undesired ones. If you’re using CDN, you can make certain adjustments in its settings to get more effective services. However, there aren’t any universal recommendations how you can do this because what works for certain sites might not work for the other ones.

Today, we’re going to give you a short review on the top CDN optimizations that can be useful for every business.

Optimization 1: Set a Cache Control

Caching is a technique that allows you to copy a web content and serve the copies back whenever it’s needed. Using such a kind of technique may improve your web performance as it’s able to ease the load on your initial server and makes it possible to copy and place your files close to the place of residence of your target public. Nevertheless, caching requires to be properly configured.

When you use a CDN, you may control cache system on the CDN edge server. It can be done by setting Cache Expiry Time: you limit the time your files should be kept in the CDN cache. When the expire date comes, the ‘old’ files are removed from the CDN cache and replaced with the new ones. You may set the cache expiry time either in your application or in the CDN service settings.

Optimization 2: Change the Cookies For Cache Hits

If you want to improve the abilities of your CDN to cache objects, you should certainly check whether your origin sets cookies. It’s necessary to do this because when a static unit sets cookies on the client side (for instance, it can be an image), it doesn’t act like a static object any more. This is the main reason why you’ll get a constant cache miss while using CDN. To avoid this, you may try to find out whether your CDN is able to ignore cookie information from the initial server’s response.

Optimization 3: Try to Ignore Query Strings

Query strings are often compared with cookies in terms of cacheability. When you include a query string in the URL which belongs to a static object, get ready that this object will be determined as a unique one and will be requested from the initial server permanently. To avoid this you may find out whether query strings don’t have a special status in serving and could be ignored by CDN.

Optimization 4: Choose the Best Pricing Model

When you use a CDN, you should be 100% sure that you’re not overcharged. All in all, there are two models for CDN pricing:

  • Per GB;
  • Per Gbps.

When you pay for each gigabyte, you are the one who determines when you will actually use a CDN service.  A Gbps pricing model requires you to stay on your average bandwidth per second use. CDNsun offers GB pricing model and what is more convenient pay as you go system of payment.

CDNsun – best content delivery network is able to provide you with a qualitative CDN for a very reasonable price.

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