15 Mar 2017

How to Boost B2evolution?

Using b2evolution CMS is quite beneficial as this content management system is a totally self hosted solution. It means you are the one who has a control over the domain, privacy, intellectual property and web content of your website. You won’t need to use any modules or plugins with b2evolution as it’s considered to be one of the most integrated CMS in the world: every time you need to make any adjustments to your website (like enhancing security characteristics), you have to press a single button. Isn’t it easy?

Though, b2evolution may seem to be a perfect match, even the best content management systems need some adjustments to enhance their performance. Today, we’re going to speak about the main problems that b2evolution users may face while building up and maintaining their online resources with the help of this CMS.

What Are the Main b2evolution Faults?

When you use b2evolution, you may notice that sometimes your website doesn’t perform well. Here are three main reasons why this happens:

  • You need a large amount of files to be downloaded to display a single web page;
  • The files aren’t downloaded in the right order;
  • Your files have a long latency time .

What Are b2evolution Solutions?

When you are willing to speed up website built on b2evolution framework, you may do the following things to boost its performance:

1. Reduce the number of files.

If you have too many files to be downloaded at the same time, you may:

  • Make some changes in your site’s design;
  • Collect together all JS files;
  • Do the same with the CSS files.

2. Make Your Files Download Simultaneously

To make your files download simultaneously, you may either request all files as soon as possible (b2evolution makes this option possible) or request as many files as possible from the other server.

3. Use a CDN Integration

If you’re really willing to boost up your website, use a b2evolution CDN integration.Using such kind of solution is quite beneficial as:

  • Your web content will be copied, cached and placed on various servers around the world;
  • Every time your target user wants to browse your website, he will get data from the server located not far from his residence place;
  • Serving content from the nearest server will minimize latency;
  • Storing web content on various servers can give you an opportunity to use additional domains and double the number of possible downloads;
  • Your target audience will get a better user experience when you use a CDN.

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