07 Nov 2016

What Are Modern Demands for Mobile Compatibility and Loading Time

If you’re willing to start earning money by trading things through the internet, it’s high time to create your own online store or eCommerce website.

According to the latest statistic data revealed by Adobe Systems Inc., US online shoppers spent nearly $1.7 billion on buying things through the net on Thanksgiving Day in 2015. As a result, the reported eCommerce revenue during the 2015 holiday season in the USA has outreached the holiday 2014 season up to 12.1%, and if you compare this index with the data of the 2010 holiday season, you may notice that the profit from selling things online has enhanced more than 5 times.

Though selling things via online shops and eCommerce websites seems rather easy, there are several distinct things to take into consideration while doing online business. Today we’re going to speak about them to give you some useful tips and clues on how to become a successful online merchant.

Going Mobile

Online merchants who want to succeed in trading things in the net always take into consideration the fact which devices their potential customers often use while investigating and doing shopping from their web resources. Of course, most of online shoppers prefer to buy things while using their personal computers. Nevertheless, a great number of people use tablets and smart phones to search for necessary things in the world wide web, and it means that 50% of online shoppers use multiple devices while shopping.

If you want to earn more money and don’t want to lose your potential customers, make sure that your online store or eCommerce website is reachable from various platforms including smartphones and tablets.

Better Speed Often Means Higher Revenue

People who like buying things online always have certain demands. For instance, your website or online store won’t become a favorable one among online shoppers if it takes more than 5 seconds for loading. The following table is going to reveal a striking dependence between online resource’s downloading time and a percentage of online customers that agree to wait a certain amount of seconds before abandoning a website.

Website’s Loading Time

A Percentage of Customers That Agree to Wait

Less than 3 seconds


3-5 seconds


5-10 seconds


10-20 seconds


More than 20 seconds


The data given in this table show that shoppers value website speed over everything else (including security), and if you want to attract more online visitors and potential clients to your online store or website, try to make it really a speedy one. In addition, it’s vital to make your web resource user friendly. Online shoppers will visit and buy things and services from your online store or site if they get an opportunity to browse it easily.


Making online business a profitable one isn’t difficult: you should just do several simple steps to speed up your web platform and make it mobile compatible. It’s also important to think about a user experience because online shoppers don’t like unfriendly and tricky websites.

If you don’t know how to increase loading speed of your site , contact us, we know how to make your site loading faster. You may contact the customer service to get more details on your web performance issue.