18 Nov 2016

How to Solve User’s Struggles with Help of Technologies

Modern technologies do influence our lives. Every day we hear or read about new devices, apps, programs or ideas invented or developed to find solutions to the most complicated human problems. Inventors and scholars do their best to transform this world and make it more understandable and easy to live in.

When you’re retailer or online merchant, you’re often lured to try something new to attract more customers to your online store or eCommerce website. However, some innovations bring a great success while others remain unnoticed or lead to a total failure.

Today we’re going to show you how technologies may affect your business and help you solve some user’s struggles.

What Do You Know About Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a distinct form of a virtual reality that gives users an opportunity to add some graphical enhancement to their real, physical environment. You don’t need to create something new: you just add some new distinct features to your environment and, finally, change it.

For instance, you want to change your walls’ color, but not sure which paint to choose. You may easily do it with the help of augmented reality: you find and download a necessary app on your mobile, scan your room with its help and, finally, see how it will look like in various colors. A cool idea, isn’t it?

Being a completely new innovation, augmented reality finds more and more applications in a present business world. Here are some of the most striking examples how this technology helps users struggle their difficulties while buying goods and services.

  • Products Display

If you want to trade something, you often assure your potential buyers that the thing you’re going to trade them will 100% meet their requirements and needs. However, when an online shopper, finally, gets the thing, he may be a little bit frustrated or annoyed by his purchase. This may lead to a negative feedback and return.

Giving your potential customers an opportunity to see a 3D model of the thing you’re going to sell may have a positive influence on the customer’s decision whether to buy or not to buy it. For instance, if you’re a furniture retailer, you may offer your customers to place a 3D model of a couch in their living room and only then make a purchase.

  • Tours and Maps

Augmented reality may become a strong tool in touring and maps displaying. If you’re a real estate agent and are willing to show your clients some interesting facts about the apartment you’re going to sell or rent, there is always a possibility to put a graphic overlay on the apartment and show it gradually as the prospective buyer makes his tour.

Your clients will certainly become happier if you deliver the purchases quicker. You should just use a graphic overlay for the maps to make your way easier and faster.

  • Education and Repairs

Trading complicated things like machinery or new technologies brings a striking necessity to teach your buyers how to use and fix the things you sell. Use graphic images or screen instruction to demonstrate certain manipulations or give prompts on a certain task.

You may also use augmented reality to demonstrate each component part of the device and give some direct instructions on what should be done to repair it.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

When you sell things online, you must always make your online store or eCommerce website available for various platforms. Your potential buyers may want to visit your store or site with the help of a smartphone or tablet, and you should certainly take this fact into consideration.

Making your online business mobile often means creating a mob app or a mobile website for it. So what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website, and when do you need a mobile app or a website or both of them?

A mobile website like any standard official website consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and is designed for the smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface.

Using mobile websites may be beneficial when you want:

  • To make your online store or website available for various types of mobile devices;
  • To make some regular changes or upgrades;
  • To make your eCommerce platform easy to find;
  • To save money.

A mobile app is an application to be downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

Using mobile apps may be beneficial when you want:

  • To trade interactive games;
  • To give your customers an opportunity to use your app in a personalized fashion on a regular basis;
  • To help your clients make operations with complex calculations, charts or reports;
  • To provide offline access to content or perform functions without a network/wireless connection.

Why do You Need a Content Delivery Network?

A CDN may become a unique decision for those ones who want to make their online stores and websites really speedy. If you don’t want to rely on several geographically centralized servers and are willing to enhance the final user website experience from anywhere in the world, you should certainly take the advantage of a server network storing cached versions of a website for faster site loading times.

Overall, content delivery network has the following benefits for online customers:

  • It makes your site or store easy to browse;
  • It makes online payments safer;
  • Your customers are delighted and want to deal with you again.

If you have certain problems with your web performance, we will help to accelerate your site, to get entire information how to speed website or store and make your business more profitable one.