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CDN Benefits
13 Aug 2019
Advertising is a vital part of the Internet ecosystem. Ever since the first websites went live with the creation of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s, ads have funded many of the essential services we take for granted today. Global technology giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have built their entire business model on advertising revenue streams. Even traditional media conglomerates have embraced online marketing migrating their content to various digital platforms. With so many vital services relying on advertising, content providers need to ensure [...]
Generate Playet
11 Sep 2014
For easier integration of streaming CDN content into your website we have developed an embed player generator. It can generate an embed JavaScript code for both the JW Player and the CDNsun Media Wrapper. Other players will be supported shortly. Fill in your stream name or video name, click on the generate player button and that's all! Sincerely your CDNsun team.
Customize Your Streaming URLs
04 Jul 2014
As you probably know we publish our CDN streams over the most common protocols like RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP, HLS, HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-TS. We recommend to access those URLs via our HTTP redirector at video.cdnsun.net. To view your CDN RTMP stream mystream it is recommended to use the following HTTP URL. http://video.cdnsun.net/263055143/mystream.smil Please refer to Services/How-To in the CDNsun UI for more details. Our HTTP redirector at video.cdnsun.net will point the player to a CDN RTMP URL similar to the following. rtmp://401253381.e.263055143.r.cdnsun.net/263055143/_definst_/mystream To view [...]
Streaming Media
03 Jul 2014
As an input for CDN streaming we support the following protocols and formats. Live streaming - live stream published over RTMP protocol and encoded with h.264 video codec and AAC or MP3 audio codec. Video on demand - MP4 and FLV video files encoded with h.264 video codec and AAC or MP3 audio codec. As an accelerated CDN output we support the most common protocols. Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) - for Android, Blackberry and other smartphones. Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP/RTMPE) - for [...]
Video Acceleration With CDN
05 Nov 2013
In this post I'm going to describe how you can accelerate videos on your website using CDN. I'm going to create high definition (HD) video on demand (VoD) CDN service and use it to stream my video without long buffering in any location in the world and without advertisements. As a player I'm going to use my favourite JW Player in it's embedded version. Video file. I'm going to use a short video about BMW M4 coupe located here [...]