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26 Jan 2020
Cyberwar is a genuine threat to every person, organization, and nation-state. In today's digitally driven society, every system that helps us navigate, participate and compete in the digital age relies on the availability and unhindered functionality of technology. Classical warfare doctrine, such as the treatise written by Sun Tzu, states that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. The objectives stated by Sun Tzu have become a reality as warfare evolves in the digital [...]
How to avoid ddos attacks
01 Sep 2015
DDos attacks became a real problem for most of online businesses nowadays. This way of economic pressure is very popular, because it does not leave any legally relevant evidences. At the same time such attacks can make unavailable almost any computer or system. DDos attacks are based almost on the same principle as Dos attacks. The difference is that DDos attacks use more than one computer as the attack source. Unfortunately, usually it consists of thousands of computers. Attack can [...]