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06 Jan 2016

CDNsun Supports Let’s Encrypt – SSL CDN

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, and open certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit. Let’s Encrypt is provided by the Internet Security Research Group and sponsored by Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, OVH, Google Chrome, Facebook and many others.

CDN with free custom SSL

CDNsun has integrated with Let’s Encrypt which allows us to provide free custom SSL CDN certificates to all our clients. So you don’t need to spend your money on buying an SSL certificate for your CDN domain from a third-party certificate authority because you can obtain a free custom SSL certificate directly in our CDN dashboard. Read more about SSL CDN in our knowledge base.

CDN with free HTTP/2

Recently we have announced our support of the new HTTP/2 protocol and deployed several tools to work with it including HTTP/2 support test, HTTP/2 speed test and HTTP/2 curl online. In the blog article we have noted that all current browsers support the HTTP/2 protocol only via the https:// scheme. So free custom SSL CDN certificates allow us to provide the super fast HTTP/2 protocol on custom CDN domains totally for free.

For more details on SSL CDN please refer here and for more details on HTTP/2 CDN please refer here.

Sincerely your CDNsun team.

2 thoughts on “CDNsun Supports Let’s Encrypt – SSL CDN

  1. tony

    Can you tell me that the benefits of paid SSL and free SSL certificates? I have installed free SSL on my website but some of my friends told me to add paid SSL on my website. I get confused so please help me.

    1. Adriana Post author

      Hi tony, good question! Free SSL such as Let’s Encrypt provides you with same level of security as paid SSL, there is no difference. What Let’s Encrypt can’t do is (for example) to include your company name to your SSL certificate (LE supports only domain name validation, DV). You can do more research by googling SSL DV, OV (organization) and EV (extended) 🙂


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