12 Dec 2016

Is It Worth Using CDN for a Game Company?

When you do some business, you can earn money by trading nearly everything. For instance, you may sell things that help people relax and have fun in their free time. Loads of people choose computer games for this purpose, so trading them seems to be a nice business, isn’t it?

Several Problems You May Face While Trading Computer Games

Like any other business in the world, game companies do have some difficulties in their work. For instance, they may offer their constant clients the freshest on-line computer games with a breathtaking graphics and gaming experience, but they always make their customers wait until the game loads. It won’t make a great favor to your gaming company and, finally, your potential clients will choose the company that provides its clients with better loading performance.

When you sell computer games online, be also ready to deal with such difficulties as traffic spikes and poor internet connection. Of course, you can’t control the work of various internet providers, but various drawbacks in their work can influence your business drastically.

What is CDN And How It Can Ease Your Burden

If you are a game company owner and your main problem is a poor loading performance, you may always speed up your clients’ loading by using a CDN.

CDN or Content Deliver Network is a network of servers located in various countries of the world. They are able to store a cached web content of their clients and deliver it quickly to the final users. The main reason why gaming companies should use a CDN is a quick game content delivery. So how does this work?

Once you’ve decided to apply for a CDN service, you let a CDN provider catch your core loadings and patches and then store them on its servers around the world. Every time your final user addresses the original server for downloads, he gets data from the server that is located not far from his place of residence and is able to load the content much quicker than if he addressed the original server. Isn’t it handy?

Several Other CDN Benefits

If you’ve read the upper paragraph attentively, you may acknowledge that using a CDN is quite beneficial for game companies. However, it’s not the only benefit you’ll get from this service. Here are some more reasons why CDN can help your business thrive:

  • CDN improves loading speed;
  • CDN is able to remove extra load from the original server;
  • CDN continues to deliver patches and downloads even if the original server has failed;
  • CDN is able to reduce your hosting expenses.

If you want to know more about how CDN benefits your game services, do not hesitate to contact CDNsun, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and find the optimal solution for you.