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18 May 2017

How to Increase Website Performance of Shopware?

Shopware is a Content Management System or CMS used for creating online stores. When you build up your own online platform for trading goods, you need to make it really understandable and handy in usage. Online merchants use Shopware because:

  • It has a well-structured backend that simplifies their daily work and helps to economy time;
  • Shopware features a high-end, trendsetting software basis;
  • You may easily customize this CMS without making any adjustments in its code;
  • Shopware is an open source CMS (you are free to use a wide range of tools to make something unique and attractive);
  • Shopware is constantly expanded and updated;
  • With Shopware, you’re able to build up a large number of shops in the shortest time.

Though Shopware seems to be a nice platform for creating an online store, sometimes, it needs to be accelerated in some way.

Today, we’re going to give a some tips on how to improve the performance of the eCommerce website created on Shopware platform.

Tip 1: Apply for the Newest Version of Shopware

When you use Shopware, make sure that you’re using the latest version of this CMS. It’s really important to do this, as the latest version often features bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Tip 2: Try a CDN Integration

If the website speed is your slack side, and you can’t find an appropriate solution for your problem, try your hands with a CDN. Every time when you use a CDN for website you let your web content to be copied and placed on the servers located around the world. In such way, you let your target audience to download all necessary data from the nearest server at a high speed.

Tip 3: Cache Your Files

When you use caching, you often store some data in a temporary storage area called a cache. This simple solution can really help you boost up your web performance as you don’t need to address an initial server every time you need to surf the web page you have already viewed. With Shopware, you may try your hands with various kinds of caching. For instance, you can try browser caching, Gzip compression, page caching and etc.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Images

If you ‘weigh’ your website, you’ll find out that more than 56% of your website’s ‘weight’ is made up of images. A correct image optimization is able to accelerate your web performance drastically. To achieve this, use a special tools to compress your image files before uploading them.

Today, we have shared some information on how to boost up Shopware CMS. We hope that our post will help find the right solution for your web performance problem.