23 May 2017

The Benefits of Using CDN with Kirby CMS

If you need something lightweight and simple to use to create a website or blog, use Kirtby CMS. It’s a file-flat and file based CMS that doesn’t require any database. Website developers and website owners choose Kirby, because:

  • It’s really easy to install it (you just need to unzip the files and upload them);
  • Kirby CMS gives you an opportunity to create and update your web pages easily (you don’t need the HTML/CSS skills to do this);
  • Loads of tutorials how to use Kirby is available on the internet nowadays (you won’t be left alone with problems once you’ve faced any difficulties in using Kirby).

The number of reasons why to choose Kirby is really great, but even Kirby with all its pros can’t function 100% perfectly. For instance, you may find out that your site built upon a Kirby platform doesn’t perform fast enough. Today, we’re going to discuss one of the most effective services that is able to speed up Kirby effectively. Actually, we’re going to speak about Content Delivery Network (CDN) and the benefits of its using with Kirby CMS.

What is CDN and How It Speeds Up My Site?

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a chain of servers, located in various parts of the world and used for storing cached and copied web files. When you integrate CDN with your Kirby platform, you let your web content (JS files, CSS files, images and etc.) to be placed closer to your target audience and your end users download the data from the server that is situated closer to them.

Such simple solution is really able to boost up your website speed drastically. However, it isn’t the only reason why you should use a CDN.

Several More Reasons to Use CDN for Your Website

Though a CDN can really boost up your website, it’s not the only benefit you get from dealing with this service. Here are several more reasons why to apply for a CDN integration:

  • CDN is able to protect your site from spamming bots and other kinds of cyber attacks. (When you use a CDN, you don’t let comment spam and excessive bots to damage your site. You may even withstand such serious attacks as SQL injections or Denial of Service attacks with the help of this service);
  • CDN gives you an opportunity to save your bandwidth. (When you use CDN, all the traffic that arrives at your site is carefully analyzed and malicious content is blocked before it gets to your site);
  • CDN can help you save some money on hosting (Using a CDN gives you a nice opportunity to disperse your content around the world and decrease the load on your initial server).

Today, we have discussed the main benefits of integrating CDN with Kirby CMS. We hope you liked our post and the information we have shared today will help you better understand what a CDN is and how it can boost up your site’s speed.