Cheap CDN
06 Aug 2018

How to Pick a Cheap CDN Vendor Correctly

If you’re serious about growing your business and delivering the absolute best user experience to your customers in terms of page loading speed, lag-free environment, 100% website uptime and high quality, professional, world-class service, you’ll have to start utilizing the capabilities of content delivery networks (CDN) at some point. Let’s look how to choose the best cheap CDN.

A CDN basically represents a global network of over 50 servers – aka points of presence – spread around the globe, which are used to host and deliver the exact copy of your website’s static and dynamic content to visitors. The system is designed in a way to automatically identify each visitor’s location thanks to geolocation routing and load your website from the nearest server, resulting in much faster loading speed, better functionality and overall, quality user experience.

Whether your visitors are from North America, Australia, Asia or anywhere else, they will all be able to enjoy seamless website performance, which is a key customer satisfaction metric nowadays. It’s important not to confuse CDN with your original website host. A CDN doesn’t replace your host but rather replicates it on multiple other servers to provide copies of your content. This is why it’s still important to choose your host server provider carefully and make sure its uptime, loading speed and customer support correspond to modern standards.

Why Loading Speed Matters More than You Think

According to recent statistics, no matter the industry you’re in, page loading speed is considered among the top factors that are directly correlated to revenue growth, improved customer retention and satisfaction.

Here are some facts:

  • The current acceptable page loading speed is two seconds for the majority of customers. This is a 33% increase compared to just three years ago, where only 40% of customers would abandon a website that wouldn’t load in three seconds.
  • 51% of internet users have reported that they have encountered a website that crashed, froze or received an error, and 79% of those people would most likely never return to that website in the future.
  • 44% of users will tell about their poor experience to a friend, as opposed to only 19% who will share their positive experience.
  • 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • A one second delay in page loading speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversion rates.
  • Every second of delay in page load time results in 11% lower page views.
  • Each second of website delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.

Let me put this another way – if your website is making $100.000 per day, for every second it is slow to load, you’re potentially losing $2.5 million in sales per year. Yup, it’s that big of a deal.

Page loading speed also impacts your Google search result rankings quite significantly. While Google still values relevance above anything else, if your website is slow, the GoogleBots will severely limit the number of URLs they will crawl on your website, eventually pushing it to lower ranks.

This list can go on and on, but you get the idea – if you want to grow your business, you have to invest into delivering the absolute best customer experience to your visitors, or else you’ll simply be left out of the competition.

This is where CDN comes in.

If you’re new to the technology, it can seem overwhelming, especially with some vendors’ excruciatingly high prices, but don’t let that fend you off. An affordable CDN paired with the right pricing plan and excellent customer support will not only cost very cheap but also be extremely quick and easy to set up and exploit right away. In fact, it may even help reduce costs since great vendors handle incoming traffic free of charge.

How to Choose a Cheap CDN Vendor Correctly

When looking for a suitable and cheap CDN vendor, it’s important not to forget about the quality of the service, because it can’t be compromised at any cost. Having a content delivery network in place which doesn’t guarantee 100% website uptime, lag-free environment and under two seconds’ page loading speed is basically money thrown out of the window.

Once quality becomes a top priority, choosing a cheap CDN becomes a whole different story. First, you’ll need to make sure that the vendor you’re considering is indeed up to the task of handling heavy traffic easily and consistently, and only then compare prices to find the most affordable CDN choice for your specific case.

What Makes CDNsun the Best CDN Vendor at an Affordable Price?

CDNsun’s network is composed of over 50 globally spread out servers, which are all equipped with the fastest SSD drives and seamlessly connected to the fastest and most secure networks. Thanks to smart server distribution, we are able to provide increased security against DDoS attacks and ensure 100% website uptime. In case a server crashes and fails to load your content for a visitor, the next closest server instantly takes over and loads the content, resulting in quality user experience.

Our solutions support website acceleration, on-demand videos, software and game delivery, live and RTMP streaming, as well as advertisement delivery. There are absolutely no setup, integration, quitting or monthly support fees involved and anybody can test drive our software for 30 days before committing to a purchase. Moreover, all free trial users instantly gain access to 24/7 email, live chat and phone support completely free of charge just like our existing customers, without even a slight difference in support priority or response times.

We offer some of the lowest costs on the market ($0.04 per GB spent, up to $0.02 depending on your traffic) and never charge anything for handling incoming traffic into our network. You only pay for the visitors that access your website from your original host server.

Finally, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or skills to integrate CDNsun with your website. All you need to do is simply download our CDNsun WordPress Plugin and you’re all set! Next time a visitor lands on your website, it will be loaded from one of our servers, closest to that visitor’s location.