Multi-bitrate streaming
02 Mar 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Multi-bitrate streaming

More bitrates = more viewers

Multi-bitrate streaming is becoming a standard these days and it makes perfect sense because connection to the Internet differs from viewer to viewer significantly. So if you want to have as much viewers as possible then you should consider multi-bitrate streaming to be able to provide smooth streams to everyone. Multi-bitrate feature enables your viewers to change stream bitrate using player’s menu. So viewers with saturated connection can switch to lower quality and viewers with good connection can enjoy full HD quality.

CDN knowledge base by CDNsun

We have extended our CDN knowledge base by step-by-step how-tos for adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming.

On-demand streamig

Please refer here for a detailed how-to.

Live streamig

Please refer here for a detailed how-to.

The two above guides describe all necessary steps required for adaptive and multibitrate streaming through RTMP (PC) and HLS (iOS and new Androids) protocols using JW Player.

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