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Twelve CDN Integrations to Improve Your Online Presence
02 Apr 2014
In general to start using CDN you have to first create a CDN service then add a CDN CNAME record to your DNS configuration and then change URLs of your static content to point to the CDN CNAME. Let's say that in your website source code you have <img src="http://www.mycompany.com/public/img/logo.png" /> and let's say that you have already created CDN service with Service Domain static.mycompany.com. To start serving your company logo from CDN you have to change the src attribute of the img [...]
PHP Zend Framework CDN Integration
27 Oct 2013
I'm going to describe how you can integrate CDN into PHP Zend Framework 1.11. As usually in Zend Framework, you can do it in many ways. In this post I'm going to show you one of the possible ways. I'm going to create and then integrate two CDN services, one for HTTP requests and the second one for HTTPS requests. I require that you know Zend Framework a little bit. Namely that you know how to: create and use a plugin, create [...]