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CDN Security
25 Mar 2019
Securing access to your CDN content is a requirement every website operator may need to consider at some point. Depending on the nature of the material you provide, you may not want to share it with unauthorized parties. In other instances, you might need to protect your digital rights, or there may be some other business case that requires you to limit or restrict access to the information you store on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). There are various ways [...]
12 Nov 2018
Token authentication and URL signing are technologies which help you secure your CDN content. Using these authentication solutions, you can ensure only legitimate users or services are authorized to access and download the content you have placed on your CDN. Typically, web asset administrators use this type of solution to prevent the hotlinking of material, in which a third-party site or service uses your web assets without permission. This unauthorized access can result in your CDN costs increasing or [...]
06 Jul 2015
New features are available on our CDN platform! You can enable token authentication on streaming CDN services, please refer to Setting a Token Authentication - protect your CDN content for more details. (Please note that you can also enable token authentication on static CDN services) You can set HTTP or HTTPS protocol for pull requests from our CDN edge servers to your origin server, please refer to Setting an Origin Protocol for more details. You can limit CDN service usage on a [...]