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22 Mar 2018
How quickly a website loads can have a major impact on how successful that site is. Studies have shown that users don’t want to wait for a slow page to load, even when it’s a site they want to visit. If it takes more than a few seconds, they’re likely to close the page and go to another. For ecommerce sites, that results in lost sales. What can companies do to prevent this? The first step in fixing slow [...]
Using the right tools to measure page load performance
10 Oct 2013
Article originally by Bart Pluskota the founder of CDNfinder. Google’s PageSpeed Insights presents data in a user friendly way, with useful tips about how you can speed up your website. The whole point of implementing a content delivery network is to boost your website’s performance and attract new custom through an improved user experience. So it’s no good using a CDN that has below par performance or that doesn’t cope well with excessive traffic. Luckily, there are many tools available for measuring [...]